Gibraltar Email Setups for Businesses

New businesses often ask us to help setting up their emails, users and groups. Google Apps is a corporate solution we recommend for offering a professional 25GB inbox for only €3.33 per user. Tiger can help set this up for you and show you how simple it is to manage your own users, password resets and similar tasks from an easy to use control panel. 

Using Google for your email account has many benefits:

A cloud pioneer

  • Google is recognised as a trusted name and an industry leader in reliable cloud infrastructure.

Built for the cloud

  • Google Apps was designed as an entirely cloud-based service from the ground up, so IT departments don’t need to spend time and money maintaining any desktop components.

A complete package

  • The suite includes file storage and sharing with Google Drive, real-time collaboration with Google Docs, video meetings with Hangouts and professional email with Gmail, all for one single price.

Consistency and comfort

  • Google Apps users enjoy the same experience across different devices, operating systems and browsers, and many employees already use Google products at home.

Offline support

  • Gmail, Calendar and Google Docs let users view, edit and create content when they’re not on the Internet, syncing automatically when they reconnect.

Easily Add to Your Mobile

Google Apps Email also ensures you can easily add your business account on to your mobile device. Simply add a gmail account, use your business email as the username along with your password, and your email is instantly setup on your mobile. Away from the office you can also access your business emails logging into gmail too.

As the service is run and maintained by Google for free and you can save on IT costs as you do not require an email server in the office, you do not miss emails if you have network problems or powercuts, and the control panel is very simple to manage too.


We can give you access to a control panel to manage your users quickly and easily. Add users, remove users, set passwords and setup groups. We will talk you through how to use this so you can easily manage your own users, without having to spend money on outsourced IT expertise. You can control all your company email accounts from one easy to manage login.


Google Doc's enables you to choose which files you choose to share between people in your company. You can quickly and easily set permissions to your vital documents. Changes can even me made online in real time. These can be accessed anywhere in the world from your PC, tablet or mobile device, simply by logging in with your business email and password.

Contact us on or call +350 5403 23 23 if you would like anymore information.

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