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Social Media Package

Tiger Web Design offers a monthly maintenance fee for helping promote your business through social media channels in order to create brand awareness and new enquiries from your targeted audience. Our price starts at just £150 for 6hrs work per month which also includes maintenance and work on your website.

Our monthly maintenance fee includes the following.

  • Setup of Twitter of Facebook pages using our Graphic Design Team to create high quality, attractive pages
  • Updating both your website, twitter and facebook with interesting news, promotions and events for your business
  • Creating any necessary graphics work for marketed online promotions
  • Adding latest news and images to your website
  • SEO work on your website to ensure your website is tweaked for popular keywords to help it rank higher in search engines
  • Responding to any messages, enquiries and sales through the social media channels and ensuring any leads are passed on to the relevant person

By outsourcing your online marketing to a Social Media Manager, you can concentrate on your own expert areas in your company whilst we can ensure we are helping to push your business through online marketing and using our own web design, social media and graphic design skills.


Facebook is a fantastic tool in Gibraltar for easily accessing an audience who may not be directly searching for your company, but enabling them to be aware of your companies services and products. You have a facebook "reach" for each post on your business wall, so by ensuring you add popular and interesting articles for people to like and share you can get your message to friends of friends and quickly generate interest.

We can also help setup Facebook advertsing if your business has a monthly budget in order to generate more likes for your page, and therefore helping to build up your audience. A popular way to do this is to offer prizes for people who like and comment on a particular post. This not only helps for marketing but helps to show your company giving back to the community.


For Twitter we can help generate followers to which we can help spread your news and information. We know popular hashtags used in the local area to easily access a vast amount of people. By creating positive news and messages, and supporting other people or companies with replies, favourites and retweets, you can help increase your popularity immensely in Gibraltar.

Website News, Information & Promotions

As part of the fee any news we share on social media can also be added to your company website, ensuring images, layout, headings, descriptions and page titles are all set perfectly to ensure this news is indexed by the search engines properly which will result in high rankings for any associated searches.

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Should you be interested in our Social Media Package then please contact or call +350 5403 23 23. 

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