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Amber Law is a refreshing new law firm created by Amber Turner to offer both family, business and cross border services in Gibraltar. Not only does the law firm offer the legal help, but also the support and advice too. 

Positive Theme and Colours

It was important that the site reflected the ethos of the law firm, so working with Amber we went with a green and blue theme - both colours which help represent a new start, growth, positivity, stability and calm.

Modern Logo

We also incorporated these colours into the logo to help represent both family and balance in a modern, colourful logo.

Professional Photos

We used selected stock photographs from shutterstock to ensure the website captured the essence of Amber Law. Each page has a related image in similar styles for consistency across the website. We used wide, full screen images too for a modern design to make the page more visual and interesting, instead of the typical long pages of text you would normally find on a law website. Amber Law also used a professional photographer for their own person staff photos which looked stunning when added to the website, and truly reflected the high quality services Amber Law can offer.

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