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Gibraltar Crystal E-Commerce Website

Gibraltar Crystal is one of the most popular businesses in Gibraltar, located on Casemates Square with a glass making exhibition and shop which contains some of the most impressive handmade glassware you will ever see.

E-Commerce and Payment Gateways

  • Simple, Quick and Easy Payment Method
  • Worldpay Payment Gateway
  • Easily Edit, Add and Maintain Products
  • Automatic Worldwide Shipping Calculations Based on Weights
  • Fully Responsive Website for Mobiles, Tablets and PC's

Product Photos

Working with Gibraltar Crystal was a pleasure, particularly as Paul was fond of his photography which enabled us to collaborate on high quality photos for each product. We eventually used a lightbox to ensure the product images were consistent across the website.

We were also able to create a very professional visual slideshow on the homepage to help show the location of the shop, the interior and some of the excellent glassware products you could find inside. Again, having Paul provide these professional photos helped a great deal for the visual aspect of the website!

Continued Growth and SEO

We hope that the website continues to grow as we strive to ensure the site continues to rank highly in Google for handmade, customised glassware for worldwide delivery.

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